Hi, I’m Amy Wilson and this is My Story

Amy Wilson’s successfully completed a Business diploma with a major in Marketing from NAIT before venturing into the Mortgage industry. “I learned over the years that I like solving problems and I enjoy working in the finance sector.” She has since obtained her Mortgage Associate License in April 2010 and joined Brokers For Life in September 2010. “I am a true believer of work life balance, and especially having a family, this was a career that allowed me to do what I love and have the flexibility that I need as well.” Amy’s dedication and knowledge to the industry shows, as in the Spring of 2012 she was nominated by her peers and clients for the best new comer to the mortgage industry across Canada. She placed in the top six in all of Canada at the awards ceremony held in Toronto on April of 2012.

Amy has a very friendly personality and is known to be very efficient and professional with all her clients. She has developed a strong sense of customer service over her 15 years in the finance industry. “I have learned that my customers give back what they receive, it may not be at that moment or even that week but everyone remembers a positive experience and that is how I intend to be remembered by each and every person I deal with.” Her pleasant nature and ability to put people at ease are among her strongest assets, she is also described as being very approachable.

“There is nothing more rewarding than working towards a dream, like owning your own home. Let me help you with that dream so that it becomes a reality.”

My Mission

Supported by the resources and expertise at Brokers For Life, I am committed to developing a significant mortgage portfolio by ensuring that every potential client is presented with clear, competitive mortgage options that are tailored to suit their needs. Every one of my clients will receive exceptional customer service.